Important Aspects to Deliberate on When Frying a Turkey

31 Oct



The task behind the juicy and tasty fried turkey is not a simple one and there are several ways you can go with it. On that note you should know that frying a turkey does involve a few cautions, however, if you get everything done by the book, you will not have any major problems with this process. some major steps are to be followed within these steps before you get to the frying part and therefore you should know them first these are preparing your marinade and the injection process.  There is also another method that you might want to go about this which is marinating it without injections.  Another thing that you might want o experiment on which will take up a little more time is both marinating your turkey and injecting the marinade into it for the results will make you serve your loved ones a sweet and juicy meal they will always recall. The process of injecting the marinade also is not a simple one which will require you to make as little holes on it as possible.  This will sound very stressful but the results will be very impeccable and therefore all you are required to do is sticking the needle in one hole and then moving it in different directions which will help you in marinating a huge area using a single hole. Therefore after doing this, you will notice that you are ready to deep fry the turkey. You can see more here on how to fry turkey.

The first step on how to fry a turkey is gathering all of the tools that you will require for the task that is at hand.  Therefore after you have evaluated your kitchen and attained all of the right tools that will help you in this process, you have to consider starting with boiling the oil to the correct temperatures.

 Secondly, you are required to keep the turkey in the boiling oil and ensure that it is dry from the water on the outside. Making sure that it is dry will help you avoid spilling a lot of oil and making a mess in your kitchen.  Then the next step here is to turn the turkey in the oil and leaving it in there to fry up impeccably.

 In conclusion, you are encouraged to take the turkey from the boiling oil when it attains a perfect brown on the outside. Therefore you will be required to take a temperature test on the interior of the turkey before for you to know if I am perfectly cooked.  To know if it is cooked the interior temperature should be 180 degrees F. If it is undercooked, then you should return in oil under-regulated heat to make cook properly. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:

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